Advanced Magento Support for PhpStorm

A plugin that adds advanced functionality, inspections and coding support for Magento 2 developers in PhpStorm.

Feature 01

Efficient Coding

Minimize coding effort with our Magento 2 plugin for the IntelliJ Platform. The plugin provides intelligent auto-completion and code suggestions, drastically reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Feature 02

Real-time Error Detection

Avoid trivial mistakes and typos with our plugin's real-time error detection. It will immediately notify you of any issues in your code, saving precious debugging time.

Feature 03

Superior Code Navigation

Navigate through your Magento project effortlessly. The plugin provides advanced navigation features, making it easy to jump to definitions, find usages, and view Magento architecture layouts at a glance.

Feature 04

Code Refactoring

The plugin aids in refactoring your Magento 2 code, ensuring your codebase remains clean and maintainable. It helps identify redundant code, suggests improvements, and automates many refactoring tasks.

Feature 05

Rich Documentation Access

The plugin offers quick and easy access to Magento 2's extensive documentation. You no longer need to juggle between your browser and your IDE when looking up information.

Feature 06

Professional Support

The plugin comes with professional support. Get your queries answered, issues resolved, and receive regular updates ensuring that your Magento 2 development is never disrupted.

Unlimited for all

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What you will get
  • Advanced navigability
  • Extensive code Completion
  • QuickFix functionality
  • Increasing number of inspections
  • And a lot more
  • You support some bees!

Meet the developer

Felix Astner
Felix Astner

Hello! I'm a seasoned Magento developer with a passion for React. But coding isn't my only love—I'm a beekeeper, too.

Every plugin purchase supports my beekeeping, fostering a healthier environment. Join me, enhance your Magento experience, and make the world a little sweeter!